Connecting Academics and Parents – Measurement 3rd Grade


In 3rd grade students are developing understanding of measuring length with fractions, time and elapsed time, and displaying measurement data on a line plot. Students have previous experiences in prior grades with measuring length, telling time to the nearest 5 minutes and using a line plot with whole numbers.

CAP Parent Trainings (Connecting Academics & Parents) were created to increase teacher knowledge of different concepts and also could be used to train parents on how to help their child at home. The measurement training is great to deepen understanding of what’s expected of students in 3rd grade regarding measurement concepts.

Follow the steps below to access the “CAP” (Connecting Academics & Parents) 3rd Grade Measurement Parent Training for more information on strategies for developing understanding and much much more!

• Step 1: Log into your ideas account.

• Step 2: Go to the Elementary Mathematics Icon.

• Step 3: Click on the CAP Connecting Academics and Parents icon.


• Step 4: Click on Grade 3 CAP Math Parent Workshops.


• Step 5: Click on 3rd CAP Session 6 Measurement.


• Step 6: From there explore the folder to access all the resources you would need to implement the training and the powerpoints. Use as teachers to help you plan or implement the training.


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