4th Grade Year at a Glance

Unit of Study 1: Place Value of Whole Numbers: MA.4.NSO.1.1, MA.4.NSO.1.2

Unit of Study 2: Compare and Order Numbers: MA.4.NSO.1.3

Unit of Study 3: Rounding: MA.4.NSO.1.4

Unit of Study 4: Represent and Compare Decimals: MA.4.FR.1.2, MA.4.NSO.1.5, MA.4.NSO.2.6

Unit of Study 5: Add and Subtract Decimals: MA.4.NSO.2.7, MA.4.M.2.2

Unit of Study 6: Compose and Decompose Fractions and Mixed Numbers: MA.4.FR.2.1

Unit of Study 7: Compare and Order Fractions and Mixed Numbers: MA.4.FR.1.4

Unit of Study 8: Equivalent Fractions: MA.4.FR.1.1, MA.4.FR.1.3, MA.4.FR.2.3

Unit of Study 9: Add and Subtract Fractions and Mixed Numbers: MA.4.FR.2.2, MA.4.AR.1.2

Unit of Study 10: Multiply Fractions by Whole Numbers: MA.4.FR.2.4, MA.4.AR.1.3

Unit of Study/ 11: Measurement: MA.4.M.1.1, MA.4.M.1.2, MA.4.M.2.1

Unit of Study 12: Represent and Interpret Data: MA.4.DP.1.1, MA.4.DP.1.2, MA.4.DP.1.3

Unit of Study 13: Multiplication Models and Strategies: MA.4.NS0.2.2, MA.4.NS0.2.3

Unit of Study 14: Division Models and Strategies: MA.4.NS0.2.4

Unit of Study 15: Prime and Composite Numbers: MA.4.AR.3.1

Unit of Study 16: Multiplication and Division Problem Solving: MA.4.AR.1.1, MA.4.AR.2.1, MA.4.AR.2.2, MA.4.NSO.2.5

Unit of Study 17: Area and Perimeter Problem Solving: MA.4.GR.2.1, MA.4.GR.2.2

Unit of Study 18: Angles: MA.4.GR.1.1, MA.4.GR.1.2, MA.4.GR.1.3

Unit of Study 19: Numerical Patterns: MA.4.AR.3.2

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