Unit of Study 1: Represent Numbers to 10,000: MA.3.NSO.1.1, MA.3.NSO.1.2 (Aug. 21)

Unit of Study 2: Plot, Compare, and Order Numbers to 10,000: MA.3.NSO.1.3 (Aug. 30)

Unit of Study 3: Rounding within 1,000: MA.3.NSO.1.4 (Sep. 8)

Unit of Study 4: Addition and Subtraction within 10,000: MA.3.NSO.2.1, MA.3.AR.1.2 (Sep. 15)

Unit of Study 5: Exploring Multiplication and Division: MA.3.NSO.2.2, MA.3.AR.1.2 (Sep. 29)

Unit of Study 6: Use Properties of Operations to Multiply: MA.3.NSO.2.4, MA.3.AR.1.2 (Oct. 26)

Unit of Study 7: Exploring Area and Distributive Property: MA.3.GR.2.1, MA.3.GR.2.2, MA.3.GR.2.3, MA.3.GR.2.4, MA.3.AR.1.1 (Nov. 2)

Unit of Study 8: Connecting Multiplication and Division: MA.3.NSO.2.4, MA.3.AR.2.1, MA.3.AR.2.2, MA.3.AR.2.3 (Dec. 1)

Unit of Study 9: Building Understanding of Fractions: MA.3.FR.1.1, MA.3.FR.1.2, MA.3.FR.1.3 (Dec. 12)

Unit of Study 10: Equivalent Fractions: MA.3.FR.2.2 (Jan. 16)

Unit of Study 11: Plot, Compare, and Order Fractions: MA.3.FR.2.1 (Jan. 23)

Unit of Study 12: Extending Multiplication: MA.3.NSO.2.3, MA.3.AR.1.1 (Feb. 1)

Unit of Study 13: Identify and Describe 2-D Figures: MA.3.GR.1.1, MA.3.GR.1.2, MA.3.GR.1.3 (Feb. 14)

Unit of Study 14: Measurement and Line Plots: MA.3.M.1.1, MA.3.M.1.2, MA.3.DP.1.1, MA.3.DP.1.2 (Feb. 29)

Unit of Study 15: Perimeter and the Relationship to Area: MA.3.GR.2.3, MA.3.GR.2.4 (Mar. 22)

Unit of Study 16: Numerical and Multiplicative Patterns: MA.3.AR.3.1, MA.3.AR.3.2, MA.3.AR.3.3 (Apr. 5)

Unit of Study 17: Two-Step Problem Solving Using the Four Operations: MA.3.AR.1.2 (Apr. 18)

Unit of Study 18: Time: MA.3.M.2.1, MA.3.M.2.2 (Apr. 26)

Unit of Study 19: Represent and Interpret Data: MA.3.DP.1.1, MA.3.DP.1.2 (May 10)