Although we won’t be together as a large group to celebrate collaborative problem solving and compete at STEMpalooza, we want to provide the resources to help you bring this experience to your students at your school site. 

This year all schools registered for STEMpalooza will receive: 

  • STEM “Swag” for each participating student.
  • Resources and instructions to host each selected event at your school.
  • Sets of prizes for winning teams of each event selected, sent to your school.
  • The pride of seeing the kids’ joy as they compete in the STEMpalooza!

Cost of STEMpalooza: 

  • $25 per event or free with a full school membership to the Hillsborough Council of Teachers of Mathematics (HCTM) OR a school membership to Hillsborough Association of Elementary Science Teachers (HAEST)


Document on the registration form how you will submit payment.  Choices are: 

  • FREE: Your school already paid for a HCTM school membership 
  • $25 per event submitted via school mail to our HCTM treasurer: Margaret (Peggy) Berridge @ Town and Country Elementary, Route 2
  • Make checks payable to HCTM
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