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2022-2023 Math Bowl: Grades 1-5

We are happy to announce Math Bowl will be returning in-person!!!

Each school may send one team per grade level. (3-5 students)

5th Grade: November 15th, 2022 from 9:00am – 11:15am

4th Grade: November 16th, 2022 from 9:00am – 11:15am

3rd Grade: November 18th, 2022 from 9:00am – 11:15am

1st Grade & 2nd Grade: The week of March 6th, 2023

This year all schools registered for Math Bowl will receive: 

  • 1 Set of Math Bowl swag per grade level for the team representing your school at the district competition.
  • Bronze, Silver, or Gold medals depending on placement
  • The opportunity to win a school trophy
  • The pride of seeing the kids’ joy as they compete in the Math Bowl!

Cost of Math Bowl: 

  • $50 per participating grade level or free with a school membership to the Hillsborough Council of Teachers of Mathematics (HCTM) 

Registration: Click Here

Document on the registration form how you will submit payment.  Choices are: 

  • FREE: Your school already paid for a HCTM school membership 
  • $50 per grade level team submitted via school mail to our HCTM treasurer: Margaret Berridge, K-8 STEM @ ROSSAC, Route 7
  • Make checks payable to HCTM

Transportation to the Math Bowl competition Site:

Based on feedback and to support transportation to Math Bowl, we are adjusting the previous guidelines on parent attendance.  If a parent is needed to transport the students to the Math Bowl location, then they will be able to stay and attend the competition.  

Please remember that all students should report to their home school first and then leave together to travel to the Math Bowl competition site.  The team and sponsors must enter the Math Bowl location as a group to sign-in at the office. 

Space is still extremely limited at the competition sites.  Please use this policy change with thoughtful consideration to all attendees. We simply won’t have room for everyone. Spectators may end up standing or waiting outside the venue.

Attendance at the competition is limited to those parents/caregivers needed to assist with transportation.

Thank you for your feedback and ideas that lead to the alterations outlined above. 

Stuff to Bring:

Please bring the following math manipulatives on the day of the event:

  • 50 Color Tiles
  • Quart size bag of pattern blocks (including hexagons, trapezoids, rhombi, squares and triangles)
  • 100 Centimeter cubes
  • One Ruler (30 cm)
  • One Judy Clock

Please bring a completed media release form.

Math Bowl Shirts: