Math Dive in Five: Adding and Subtracting Fractions with Like Denominators

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2021 Math Bowl Awards

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3rd Grade Medals Math Bowl

Here are the medal placements for our 3rd grade Math Bowl teams. Tune in to the same Zoom on Friday December 17th at 12:00 noon for placement announcements!

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4th Grade Medals Math Bowl

Here are the medal placements for our 4th grade Math Bowl teams. Tune in to the same Zoom on Friday December 17th at 12:00 noon for placement announcements!

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5th Grade Medals Math Bowl

Here are the medal placements of our 5th grade Math Bowl teams. Tune in to the same Zoom on Friday December 17th at 12:00 noon for placement announcements!

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We are all “Math People”

“You are going to have an enormous impact on young students. If you even think you don’t like math, these students will pick up on your dislike and also not like math.”  -Rhett Allain assoc. physics prof.

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Video Tutorials for Savvas Realize in Canvas

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Accessing Nearpod Lessons for Math Instruction

Download a detailed support document below:

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Students having trouble viewing PowerPoint slides in Canvas?

  • In order to see embedded resources in Canvas, such as PowerPoint lessons and PowerPoint slides in Quizzes, students must be logged in to SharePoint.  Teachers also must be sure they include All_Students_Groups when granting access to resources when they embed their own resources from Office 365 within Canvas. 
  • Troubleshooting Tips for the above problem include: 
  • Are students using Google Chrome? 
  • Did they sign-in to Canvas by signing into Clever first? 
  • Are there any other accounts logged in to the Google Chrome browser? 
  • If it is not working and they are using Google Chrome, have they tried accessing the same content using a Microsoft Edge browser? 
  • Did the teachers and/or students sign in when prompted with the SharePoint log in? 
  • Teacher – Username: Lawson # and current district password (same log in as Clever & Office 365) 
  • Students – Username: lunch number and current password (same log in as Clever) 
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Savvas Realize Sign-In from Canvas

If you get this message it means that your computer thinks that Realize is already open somewhere. Even if it isn’t open it could be using your browser history. So, there are 2 things to try: 1. Sign out of all programs and close all windows – restart computer 2. Log back into Canvas and click the Savvas Realize link on the left.
If that doesn’t work try clearing the browser history in Chrome (Open a page in Chrome and Click on “Chrome” on tool bar, then choose clear history).

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Assign Practice Buddy/Quick Check on Canvas and in Realize

Please use the Savvas link in Canvas for the links in our PowerPoints to work. Othersiwe, you may be directed to a sign in page or it will say access denied. Although teachers and students can technically use Clever to access Realize, we encourage you to use the link in Canvas since that is where our resources are linked. This is all true for students as well. For example, if a student is assigned a practice buddy and they click on the link in the slide, they may get a sign in page for Realize. Easy fix – they just need to open the Savvas Realize link from within their Canvas account. If coaches/teachers are getting the message that they are “already signed in” or that Savvas “doesn’t know where to direct them” that means that they have the Realize app open somewhere on their computer. It may be that they need to close everything out and restart their computer – or clear their browser history.

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enVision Links in K-5 Math Lesson PowerPoints

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i-Ready Learning Games for Math

This school year, i-Ready has added Learning Games for mathematics. All K-5 students in Hillsborough County will have access to these games through i-Ready. (Teachers must turn on access to the games)

How to enable Learning Games for a whole class

When students first log into i-Ready they will have immediate access to certain games and others will be locked (see below). Once the student has played the initial games the next game will be unlocked. Note that it may take up to 24 hours after completing the first two games for the next game to unlock. Below you will find a table of the games for K-2 and 3-5:

Games that student should
already have access to
Hungry Fish
Cloud Machine
Hungry Fish
Games that will be unlocked
as students complete the
games above
Hungry Guppy
Pizza (2nd only)
Cupcake (2nd only)

For additional information please visit:

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Resources Missing in Savvas Realize?

If you are trying to access your enVision resources in Savvas (formerly Pearson) Realize, but just get a spinning load image, here is the quick fix.

In the upper right corner, select the dropdown menu and click on Settings.

In the next screen, click on “My Programs”

Select the resources to add to your Realize account. Click Save and that should be it!

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Planning for K-5 Math e-Learning

The e-Learning bell schedule for K-5 Mathematics includes 30 minutes a day for whole group instruction and 30 minutes a day for Independent Purposeful Practice and/or Small Group Lessons. The whole group instruction can occur through a teacher facilitated Zoom lesson. The Instructional Guides contain resource options for Purposeful Practice as well as a menu of resources which could be used to create Small Group Lessons. Here is a 3-part video series highlighting each of these three aspects of planning for e-Learning.

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Assignments Submissions in Canvas

Many teachers are having issues with Assignments in Canvas. In student view, they aren’t able to move past some Assignments (Purposeful Practice, iReady or Savvas Realize lessons, etc.) This could be an issue with the Submission settings in the Assignment.

If a Submission is turned on (this seems to be the default) a student would need to either type a response, attach a file, or possibly record audio or video response. If this is turned on it looks something like this in Edit Mode…

Until a student submits one of these options, they might not be able to move on from this Assignment. You’ll want to enter Edit Mode and turn Submissions off. Use the drop-down box and select “No Submission”

You can also select to not count an Assignment in the Canvas Grade Book. Assignments are by default automatically added to the Canvas Grade Book.

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2020-2021 Elementary Math

Our new Instructional Guides and Resources are now available through Canvas! Be sure to enroll yourself in the K-5 Math Landing Page to access grade level Guides and general Resources.

Log in to Canvas through Clever.  Self-enroll in the course by copying and pasting this URL: into Google Chrome. Alternatively, you can sign up at and use the following join code: R4ECH3 

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Additional Spanish Resources for Distance Learning

Thank you to Jackson elementary for sharing these resources!

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Spanish Instructions Pearson Realize/Instrucciones en Español Pearson Realize

This video includes instructions in Spanish for logging in to Pearson Realize. Este video incluye instrucciones en español para iniciar sesión en Pearson Realize.

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Pearson Realize Adding Other Grade Level Resources

A video explaining how to add other grade level products and create classes to assign other grade level content in Pearson Realize.

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