Using Five Frames to reinforce positive choices

Have you ever thought about using Five Frames to reinforce positive choices within the classroom?

The first few months of school are spent building community within the classroom. Part of building community is reinforcing positive choices. Teachers use a variety of strategies to reinforce good choices such as, individual points, table points, and classroom points. Why not practice representing numbers WHILE reinforcing positive choices.
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Kindergarten students spend the first few units of school year representing numbers. As you work to build community in your classroom, consider using the Five Frame to capture the positive choices students are making. As the frames are filled, students begin to subitize numbers (see a small set of numbers and know the amount without counting). This will help students think about the relationship of numbers. This understanding helps set the foundation for understanding the number system. Screen Shot 2016-08-01 at 3.36.21 PM

Questions to ask students as you use the five frames:
1. How many squares have a counter?
2. How many squares are empty?
3. How many more are needed to make 5?

Once your students understand the five frames, you can introduce the tens frame to continue reinforcing number representations as well as positive choices.

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