FREE Common Core Aligned Online Interactive Math Practice

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Checkout these two FREE interactive websites for additional math practice: and

Both websites allow you to set up a free teacher account. You can then enter in your student roster, assign specific standards-based practice to each student, and track their progress. Students are given a log-in and password, so they can access the program from home, too.

FrontRowEd includes a diagnostic with adaptive practice to provide students practice at their level in addition to teachers’ ability to assign targeted practice. Students can click to view a youtube video for more information on a concept, and there is an option for fact practice.


TenMarks provides students with real-time feedback, and students can access “hints” and videos for immediate scaffolding. Students can work on building fluency in “Jam Sessions”. It also has teacher resources, including lessons with anticipated misconceptions. This program

Sample Student View:

Sample Class Assignment Summary Report:
Sample Individual Student Assignment Report:
Either program could be beneficial for differentiating instruction and providing students with practice responding to technology enhanced math items. Keep in mind, there may be slight variations between the Common Core Math Standards and our Mathematics Florida Standards, so you will want to make sure that all assignments align with MAFS.