Grade 2 Videos, Games & Centers to support mathematics practice

Pearson enVision Game Center: Use your HCPS “Clever” log-in to access from home.

Week 5 Goal for the Week: Use repeated addition to find the total number of square units created by partitioning a rectangle into rows and columns

Rows and Columns:

The Math Learning Center: Virtual Geoboard Drag the rubber bands from the bottom of the page to the geoboard. Rubber band ends can be moved from peg to peg. Make a rectangle and split it into rows and columns.

NCTM Illuminations Patch Tool: Use the orange square to create rectangles partitioned into rows and columns.  Use repeated addition to solve for the total number of squares.

Week 5 Parent Video

Week 5 Student Video

Week 6 Goal for the Week: Recognize that equal sized pieces (halves, thirds, fourths) need not have the same shape.

The Math Learning Center Virtual Geoboard: Drag the rubber bands from the bottom of the page to the geoboard. Rubber band ends can be dragged from peg to peg. Make a rectangle or square.  Partition the shape into two, three or four equal parts to show halves, thirds or fourths.

NCTM Illuminations Patch Tool: Create shapes from two, three, or four congruent pieces. Your whole should show two halves, three thirds, or four fourths.

Week 6 Parent Support Video

Week 7 Goal for the Week: Interpret the data from a picture graph or a bar graph by solving put-together, take-apart, and compare problems.

Pictograph Game: Answer questions about a pictograph.

Make Your Own Pictograph: Choose a symbol and a scale to make your own pictograph.

Pictograph Creator: Choose from available templates or make your own.

Fruit Fall Pictograph Game: As you catch different fruits in a basket, those fruits are placed into a pictograph. Pictograph fun in game form!

Week 7 Parent Support Video

Week 8 Goal for the Week: Create line plots.Interpret the data from a line plot.

LearnZillion Video: Measure Using a Ruler

Line Plots for Kids Video

Balloon Pop Line Plot Game

Khan Academy Video: Read Line Plots

Week 8 Parent Video

Week 9 Goal for the Week: Use place value to add 3-digit numbers

Khan Academy: Adding hundreds, tens, and ones –

Open Number Line: Adding 3-digit numbers –

Khan Academy: Adding 3-digit numbers using a break-apart strategy –

Using a break-apart strategy to add 3-digit numbers –

Add using partial sums –

Week 9 Parent Video

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