Grade 3 Videos, Games & Centers to support mathematics practice

Pearson enVision Game Center: Use your HCPS “Clever” log-in to access from home.

Week 5 Goal of the Week: Solve problems involving elapsed time.

Khan Academy – Telling Time:

Online Game – On Time:

Khan Academy – Reading a Clock:

LearnZillion – Reading Time to the Minute:

Khan Academy – Telling Time with Number Line:

Interactive Clock – Elapsed Time:

Week 5 Parent Video

Week 6 Goal of the Week: Solve problems involving mass and liquid volume

Khan Academy – Understanding Volume:

Khan Academy – Understanding Mass:

Florida Student Tutorial:

Khan Academy – Solving Problems with Mass:

Khan Academy – Solving Problems with Volume:

Week 7 Goal of the Week: Compare and group shapes based on their attributes

NCTM Illuminations Tool – Virtual Geoboard:

Khan Khan Academy – Intro to Quadrilaterals:

Khan Academy – Recognizing Shapes:

Week 8 Goal of the Week: Solve for the unknown side length when given the perimeter

Khan Academy: Measuring Lengths with Different Units

Strolling With My Gnomies online game (select centimeters or inches with whole numbers)

Khan Academy – Perimeter of a Shape:

Khan Academy – Perimeter Introduction:

Perimeter Climber Game:

Khan Academy – Find a Missing Side When Given the Perimeter:

Week 9 Goal of the Week: Review how multiplication and division are connected

Cosmic Caravan Game:

Khan Academy – Idea of Division:

Multiplication & Division Fluency Game:

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