Grade 5 Videos, Games & Centers to support mathematics practice

Pearson enVision Game Center: Use your HCPS “Clever” log-in to access from home.

Week 5 Goal of the week: Generate, Analyze and Graph data using tables and coordinate grids

Khan Academy – Interpreting Patterns on the Coordinate Plane:

Khan Academy – Coordinate Plane Word Problems:

Khan Academy – Graphing Patterns on the Coordinate:

Week 5 Parent Video

Week 6 Goal of the week: Compare and Contrast Triangles

LearnZillion – Recognize Shape Attributes

Khan Academy – Parallel & Perpendicular Lines Intro:

Khan Academy – Classifying Triangles:

Student Tutorial – Classify Triangles by Sides and Angles using Venn Diagrams:

Student Tutorial – These are the Right Triangles:

Week 7 Goal of the Week: Compare and Contrast Quadrilaterals Using Venn Diagrams

Khan Academy: Intro to Quadrilaterals

LearnZillion: Identify Quadrilaterals

Khan Academy: Parallel & Perpendicular Lines Intro –

Khan Academy: Classifying Shapes by Lines and Angles –

NCTM Illuminations: Interactive Venn Diagram Sorter –

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