Grade K Videos, Games & Centers to support mathematics practice

Pearson enVision Game Center: Use your HCPS “Clever” log-in to access from home.

Week 5 Goal of the Week: Analyze and Compare 2-D and 3-D Shapes

YouTube: Monster Trucks Learn 3-D Shapes:

Sean’s Rollercoaster Adventure

Week 5 Parent Video

Week 6 Goal of the Week: Measure Objects by Weight and Length

YouTube Video: Grover Finds the Tallest Monster:

Digital Game: Bunny Balance:

YouTube Video: Using Paperclips to Measure:

Week 7 Goal of the Week: Solve problems where both addends are unknown

YouTube Video: Friends of Ten:

Addition Blocks Game:

YouTube Video: My Dog Named Ten:

Week 8 Goal of the Week: Students can solve addition and subtraction word problems within 10

Using Actions to Solve Word Problems:

ABCya Game: Molly Adds and Subtracts from 10:

How Many Are Under the Shell Interactive Game:

Week 9 Goal of the Week: Fluently add and subtract within 5

The Math Learning Center:

YouTube Video – Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed:

Target Interactive Math Game:

Practicing Fluency – Addition/Subtraction Fact Cards:

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