NEW Resources????

NEW resources???? That is right!!!

This school year you will see some new resources linked in your Instructional Guides. In addition to the GCGs, PowerPoints, and Assessments, you will find 3 new resources, Unit Summaries, Parent Partnership Homework, and Distributed Practice to assist you as you make instructional decisions in your classroom.

Unit Summaries are linked on the Unit of Study overview page for each Unit. The Unit Summary is a resource to communicate students’ progress on their understanding of the math concepts in each unit. Each Unit Summary provides sample problem types to help parents understand how students are assessed, as well as suggested resources to help students practice math concepts at home.

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Parent Partnership Homework resource can also be found on the Unit of Study overview page. This resource includes a homework task that encourages communication between home and school. There is one sample homework sheet per unit. These tasks can be used to reinforce and get feedback from parents on students previously learned concepts.

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Distributed Practice is a resource that can be found in the PowerPoint and also on the Math Icon starting in Unit 4. Distributed Practice questions cover previous grade level skills students need to be successful on current content. The data collected from Distributed Practice can help you plan lessons that meet the individual needs of your students.

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