Students having trouble viewing PowerPoint slides in Canvas?

  • In order to see embedded resources in Canvas, such as PowerPoint lessons and PowerPoint slides in Quizzes, students must be logged in to SharePoint.  Teachers also must be sure they include All_Students_Groups when granting access to resources when they embed their own resources from Office 365 within Canvas. 
  • Troubleshooting Tips for the above problem include: 
  • Are students using Google Chrome? 
  • Did they sign-in to Canvas by signing into Clever first? 
  • Are there any other accounts logged in to the Google Chrome browser? 
  • If it is not working and they are using Google Chrome, have they tried accessing the same content using a Microsoft Edge browser? 
  • Did the teachers and/or students sign in when prompted with the SharePoint log in? 
  • Teacher – Username: Lawson # and current district password (same log in as Clever & Office 365) 
  • Students – Username: lunch number and current password (same log in as Clever) 
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