Unit of Study 1: Place Value Relationships: MA.5.NSO.1.1 (Aug. 24)

Unit of Study 2: Read and Write Decimals: MA.5.NSO.1.2, MA.5.NSO.1.3 (Sep. 1)

Unit of Study 3: Round Decimals: MA.5.NSO.1.5 (Sep. 13)

Unit of Study 4: Compare and Order Decimals: MA.5.NSO.1.4 (Sep. 19)

Unit of Study 5: Add and Subtract Decimals: MA.5.NSO.2.3 (Sep. 28)

Unit of Study 6: Multiply Decimals: MA.5.NSO.2.4, MA.5.NSO.2.5 (Oct. 7)

Unit of Study 7: Divide Decimals: MA.5.NSO.2.4, MA.5.NSO.2.5 (Oct. 21)

Unit of Study 8: Problem Solve with the Four Operations: MA.5.AR.1.1, MA.5.AR.2.4, MA.5.M.2.1, MA.5.NSO.2.4, MA.5.GR.2.1 (Nov. 3)

Unit of Study 9: Multiplication and Division Algorithms: MA.5.NSO.2.1, MA.5.NSO.2.2 (Nov. 15)

Unit of Study 10: Add and Subtract Fractions and Mixed Numbers: MA.5.FR.2.1, MA.5.AR.1.2 (Dec. 2)

Unit of Study 11: Multiply Fractions: MA.5.FR.2.2, MA.5.GR.2.1, MA.5.AR.1.2, MA.5.FR.2.3 (Dec. 19)

Unit of Study 12: Fractions as Division: MA.5.FR.1.1 (Jan. 17)

Unit of Study 13: Divide Unit Fractions: MA.5.FR.2.4, MA.5.AR.1.3 (Jan. 25)

Unit of Study 14: Numerical Expressions: MA.5.AR.2.1, MA.5.AR.2.2, MA.5.AR.2.3 (Feb. 6)

Unit of Study 15: Classify Two-Dimensional Figures: MA.5.GR.1.1 (Feb. 21)

Unit of Study 16: Three-Dimensional Figures: MA.5.GR.1.2 (Feb. 28)

Unit of Study 17: Unit Conversions: MA.5.M.1.1 (Mar. 3)

Unit of Study 18: Represent and Interpret Data: MA.5.DP.1.1, MA.5.DP.1.2 (Mar. 23)

Unit of Study 19: Volume: MA.5.GR.3.1, MA.5.GR.3.2, MA.5.GR.3.3 (Apr. 7)

Unit of Study 20: Graph in the First Quadrant: MA.5.GR.4.1, MA.5.GR.4.2 (Apr. 21)

Unit of Study 21: Numerical Patterns: MA.5.AR.3.1, MA.5.AR.3.2 (May 5)