Connecting Academics and Parents- 4th Grade Relating Fractions to Decimals

Digging deeper into decimal fractions?
…there is a CAP for that!

View the “Train the Trainer” video on “Relating Fractions to Decimals” below to ensure that your instruction has truly met the depth of the 4th grade MAFS standards. Yes, these trainings were written for the benefit of parents, but the anticipated misconceptions and instructional strategies will be useful when planning to review critical areas at the end of 4th grade to prepare students for 5th.

Follow the steps below to access the 4th grade “Relating Fractions to Decimals CAP (Connecting Academics & Parents)” training materials, including the powerpoint and ancillary resources.

• Step 1: Log into your ideas account.
• Step 2: Go to the Elementary Mathematics Icon.
• Step 3: Click on the “CAP Connecting Academics and Parents” icon.


• Step 4: Click on “Grade 4 CAP Math Parent Workshops”.

4th cap ideas 1

• Step 5: Click on 4th CAP “Relating Fractions and Decimals”.

4th cap deci

• Step 6: From there, explore the folder to access all the resources you would need to implement the training, including the powerpoint.
cap decimals