Real Long Term Investigations with Live Feed Cameras


Do your students have wonderings about animals in their natural habitats? Maybe animals not native to Florida? Animals that are dangerous? Animals that they do not visit in our local zoos? has live feed cameras that allow students to view animals in their natural habitat! “Watch grizzly bears catching and eating salmon in Katmai National Park in Alaska! See Beluga whales swimming in Canada’s Churchill River estuary!” There are many live feed videos that include trackable data on this website, for free.
This website is targeted for students in the K-12 classrooms. Remember these are live feed cameras so students may be able to witness the food chain, animal behaviors and interactions. Along with the live feed, you are able to access photographs, videos, key facts about the animal species, and “profiles” describing specific animals.

This is a great connection for long term investigations, starting each feed the time, temperature, and notes regarding the natural environment are posted for tracking.

Blog adapted from NSTA Science Teachers’ Grab Bag- Freebies for Science Teachers