Teachable Moments Hurricane Hermine


With our recent unscheduled days off thanks to Tropical Storm Hermine, students will no doubt be asking lots of weather related questions…
What is a hurricane and how do they form?
When will our next storm day be?
What is a Tropical Storm?
When will our next storm day be?
How did they know where the hurricane was going?
When will our next storm day be?

This is a great opportunity to take advantage of their curiosity through a Long-Term Investigation!!!!
Ideas for weather LTI’s include:

Storm Tracking – There are more storms developing daily. Your class can track them as they move using a tracking chart like this one. There are also lots of free resources out there online and locally


Wind Speed and Direction

There are 2 weather-related LTI’S ready to go on the Elementary Science Icon in the K-5 Curriculum Resources Folder under the icons:

Outside Our Window
When the Clouds Huddle
These LTI’s have standards connections for grades KG-5th, data collection charts, and graphing ideas to get your class LTI up and going and tap into student curiosity and interest!!!