Alternative Teacher Log In for Pearson Realize

For any teachers having difficulty accessing Pearson Realize through Clever, try this alternative site.

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Alternative Student Log In for Pearson Realize

If students are not able to access Pearson Realize through Clever, they may try this alternative site. Alternative Site

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Pearson Realize Digital Guide

Teachers, this complete digital guide from Pearson may help answer any questions you have about the design and implementation of Pearson Realize. Remember, Pearson Realize can be accessed through Clever in Hillsborough County.

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Student Access to Pearson Realize Resources

A visual example of how students in Hillsborough County can access enVision resources using Pearson Realize through Clever. Even without assigned tasks from a classroom teacher, some of the resources can still be accessed.

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Kindergarten Student Example: Pearson enVision Packet using the Bounce Pages app

An example of how an HCPS kindergarten student might use the Pearson enVision packet along with the Bounce Pages application for support.

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Kindergarten Student Example Part 2: Pearson enVision Practice Buddy

A visual example of how an HCPS kindergarten student might work with Pearson enVision online using the Practice Buddy tool.

Click on “Distance Learning” above to access additional post, resources, and videos to support distance learning.

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Kindergarten Student Example Part 1: Pearson enVision Visual Learning

A visual example of how an HCPS kindergarten student might work with Pearson enVision online using the Visual Learning tool.

Click on “Distance Learning” above to access additional support posts, videos, and resources to support distance learning.

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Custom Pearson Training for HCPS Teachers

Pearson has created a custom training site for HCPS teachers. “This site provides online training support that is specifically aligned to district adoptions. You will find a wealth of training resources including: digital tours, videos, recorded webinars, and interactive lessons to support classroom instruction, student learning, differentiation, and assessments. Additionally, you may use the live Chat/Support feature for curriculum and resource questions, or request to schedule webinar training support with our Virtual Training team.”

Scroll down and click on the “enVision Florida K-5” link
Choose your adventure! What would you like to learn about?
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Assigning Non-Student Edition enVision Resources

Want to assign enVision resources through the Pearson Realize app that are not part of the interactive student edition? Such as “Daily Review” or “Today’s Challenge” pages? This video is for you!

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How to use the Bounce App for Support with Pearson Resources

The Pearson Bounce App can be used to scan certain pages from Pearson enVision resources and then give support through interactive videos on the specific content of those pages.

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Pearson enVision Students Logging in for the First Time

This videos is a beginner video for students logging in to Pearson Realize (enVision) for the first time.

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Student Settings in Pearson Realize (enVision)

Many students are saying they cannot see assignments in Pearson Realize (enVision). This quick setting should be the first thing teachers are checking to ensure assignments are visible to students. Visit for more information, videos, and posts.

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Making and Scheduling Assessments in Edsby

From Math Coach Michele Hoover, this video shows you how to make and schedule assessments for students in Edsby.

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The HCPS Contingency Plan for Parents/Guardians

This video explains the Hillsborough County elementary math Contingency Plan for Distance Learning. This plan can be used if students do not have any assignments or work in their Edsby account assigned by their classroom teacher. The plan can be accessed through Clever.

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HCPS Distance Learning

This homepage will see additional posts as HCTM and HCPS continue to support teachers, students, and parents/guardians with distance learning. For easy access to specific posts click above on “Distance Learning” and then select from either the Student/Parent resources or the Educators resources (including specific Pearson enVision support).

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Accessing Distance Learning Resources for Students and Parents

This video will help students and parents in Hillsborough County access the math distance learning resources through both Edsby and Clever.

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New Facebook Page for SMathSmarts K-5

Be sure to follow our new general K-5 Facebook page for SMathSmarts

Follow this or our Twitter (@SMathSmarts1) account to receive notifications whenever a new SMathSmarts resource or video has been posted.

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Editing Items in Practice Buddy through Pearson Realize (enVision)

Thanks to Math Coach Marie Ruck for sharing this video on how to assign and edit items/questions in Practice Buddy (This only works with grades 3-5). Practice Buddy (enVision resources) can be accessed by students through the Pearson Realize app in Clever.

For additional posts pertaining to Pearson Realize click “Distance Learning” above or scroll down for recent posts on SMathSmarts.

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Connecting Pearson Realize Assignments to Edsby

Edsby will be the major communication point between teachers and students. Though Assignments and resources from Pearson Realize cannot be directly linked through Edsby, this video shows how easy it is to connect the two apps.

For additional resources and blog posts be sure to click on “Distance Learning” above

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Student View of Assignments in Pearson Realize

This video will show you what students see in their view of assignments and enVision resources in Pearson Realize. Students and teachers can access Pearson Realize using Clever. See recent posts or click on “Distance Learning” above for other helpful videos using Pearson Realize.

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