Math Grade K

Represent, Count, and Write Numbers 1-5 (MAFS.K.CC.1.3, MAFS.K.CC.2.4, MAFS.K,CC.2.5, MAFS.K.OA.1.5)

Comparing Numbers 1-5 (MAFS.K.CC.3.6, MAFS.K.CC.3.7)

Represent, Count, and Write Numbers 0-10 (MAFS.K.CC.1.3, MAFS.K.CC.2.4, MAFS.K,CC.2.5)

Comparing Numbers to 10 (MAFS.K.CC.3.6, MAFS.K.CC.3.7)

Describe and Apply Measurement Concepts (MAFS.K.MD.1.1, MAFS.K.MD.1.2, MAFS.K.MD.1.a)

Classify, Count, and Sort Objects (MAFS.K.MD.2.3, MAFS.K.OA.1.5)

Understanding Addition Concepts with Numbers 0-5 (MAFS.K.OA.1.1, MAFS.K.OA.1.2, MAFS.K.OA.1.5)

Understanding Subtraction Concepts with Numbers 0-5 (MAFS.K.OA.1.1, MAFS.K.OA.1.2, MAFS.K.OA.1.5)

Counting by Ones and Tens (to 100) (MAFS.K.CC.1.1, MAFS.K.CC.1.2)

Fluency Strategies Within 5 (MAFS.K.OA.1.5)

Solving Addition and Subtraction Problems Through 10 (MAFS.K.OA.1.1, MAFS.K.OA.1.2, MAFS.K.OA.1.5)

Making a Ten (MAFS.K.OA.1.4)

Both Addends Unknown (MAFS.K.OA.1.a, MAFS.K.OA.1.5)

Counting, Cardinality, and Place Value: Numbers 0-20 (MAFS.K.NBT.1.1, MAFS.K.CC.1.3, MAFS.K,CC.2.5)

Identify and Describe Shapes (MAFS.K.G.1.1, MAFS.K.G.1.2, MAFS.K.G.1.3, MAFS.K.G.2.4)

Create and Compose Shapes (MAFS.K.G.1.1, MAFS.K,G.2.5, MAFS.K.G.2.6)

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